SKS Lighting

SKS Lighting is an experienced lighting and design specialist, delivering architectural, street, sport, retail and high bay lighting solutions.  SKS Lighting provides engineering, design and expert technical support to assist clients in the delivery of commercial, industrial and public lighting for local utilities. In addition, SKS Lighting also engineer and manufacture LED lighting products and accessories.

In addition, SKS Lighting manufacture an award-winning Australian brand of LED lighting products and accessories called Lumex®, which services the energy efficiency sector primarily for the commercial and industrial markets. Lumex, with its lighting, controls and accessories is heavily focused on the retrofit sector, which is generally acknowledged as the most significant space for these products. The products are also Veet and Ipart approved, making a large portion of the Lumex offer eligible for government certificates.

All product development is managed in-house through the SKS R&D Center. Working directly with local and international partners, products are built and regularly updated to meet market standards, regulatory requirements, as well as optimising light quality and efficiency. In addition, SKS Lighting suite of product offerings also includes the Enerspec® auditing and evaluation tool for customer energy savings.

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