Media Walls

Bringing Walls to Life!

Showcase your messages with the versatility of a dynamic Vwall Video Wall solution. Create stunning visuals for your next event or exhibition, install a vibrant retail store display, or reach out to large audiences easily and clearly at major venues and airports.

When you want to stand out from the crowd, use Vwall for an incredible visual experience.

Developed in Australia by industry specialists, and following in the footsteps of European design traditions, Vwall’s LED video wall products employ the highest quality LED components and rigorous worlds-best quality control and testing, Vwall offers an unequalled solution at a brilliant price point.

Bring your wall to life and create an eye-catching video wall display to show videos, advertisements, schedules, or air live events. Tailored Video Wall solutions deliver increased productivity with reliable and precise data for network operating centres, control rooms or for the production and management of a broadcast.

You will see Vwall installations in boutique luxury retailers, corporate and higher education lobbies, conference rooms, trade shows, staging events, television shows, digital and public signage displays and network operating centres including control rooms.

We offer a vast variety of products for every possible application.

If it’s detailed video you require or a digital billboard which can be seen from a distance – we have you covered. Pixel pitches start at 1mm and extend through to 50mm, and systems come complete with industry leading Energy Management, built right into the fabric of every design. Vwall solutions are as efficient as they are bright.

Accessories include hanging and mounting systems, road-cases, video processing and wireless content delivery platforms. In addition to which both front and rear serviceable models are available. We also supply a variety of indoor and outdoor products including fixed installation or (portable) staging systems, and manufacture perforated, transparent and flexible modules, fit for the most exotic or demanding projects.

Solutions include 3-year warranty and professional services ensuring you get the most out of your Vwall solution.